Monday, June 20, 2011


After a long illness of stomach problems thought of venturing out again and try new eating joints. This time thought of having some non vegetarian food. My destination was was 4fingers crispy chicken at the Terminal T3 of Delhi Airport. The eating joint is located at three places all over the world - India, Indonesia and Jakarta.
There was no rush at the eating joint but I still took the courage and ordered spicy crispy fingers (3 chicken strips for INR 125). After a wait of 10 minutes I got my order. First bite into the chicken and it was awful. I had ordered spicy chicken but there were no spices rather a dash of honey. I didn’t like the sweet taste of honey in my chicken. Moreover the outer covering was very very chewy and it was separating from the chicken strips. It was tasting awful and could not have more than two bites of the chicken strips. Wasted my money on this new experiment