Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Cheesy Boloroni Crust Domino's

New Cheesy Boloroni Crust - Domino's
Yet another hectic day in the office and ended up late at home and the same day my cook decided to take leave. But then i thought let's end the day on a cheesy not and walked into Domino's  to try the New Cheesy Bolorni Crust :)

Tried the new Chessy Boloroni crust at Domino's. The tangy bolognese sauce along with molten cheddar and mozarella  cheese tastes awesome.
The bolognese sauce gives a nice tangy taste to to the pizza and mind you it is very heavy and filling.

The bolognese sauce also contains macaroni in it so basically the pizza construction is like the pizza base then a layer of veg bolognese sauce with macaroni, then a very thin layer of pizza dough which is topped with choice of your topping and molten cheddar and mozarella cheese.

The crust option is available on medium and large size pizzas at an extra charge of INR 60/- .

The advertisement that tempted me to try the new cheesy boloroni pizza crust

My pizza slice and you can see the macaroni beneath the cheese layer