Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Chowk, Metropolitan Mall,Gurgaon

Yesterday it was my friend’s birthday and he wanted to take his family out on dinner. He lives in a joint family with his wife, parents and his elder brother’s family (wife and a kid). Considering the traffic congestion these days, he did not want to travel to Delhi and wanted to go to a nearby place in Gurgaon
He was thinking of going to barbeque nation but then I asked him not to go as they are all vegetarian’s and barbeque nation is more a delight for non vegetarian people. Then asked him to try out zambar in Ambience Mall but he wanted some place that serves north Indian food and he did not want too much damage on his pocket. Considering his constraints I asked him to visit The Chowk located on top floor in metropolitan mall. The ambience of the place is very calm and soothing with soft music which varies from latest to old bollywood songs or ghazals. The seating is quite comfortable with long L shaped benches with red cushions. In contrast to the chairs, benches give you ample space to sit and are quite comfortable. After a long day at work and driving through the traffic you do not mind sitting comfortably to enjoy good food. The place is usually frequented by families and small groups for corporate parties. 
The food served is fabulous and a portion of a dish is sufficient for 2 people.
Check out the dahi ke kebab (Hung yogurt kabab stuffed with fig, green chilies and ginger) it is fabulous appetizer.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dominos Double burst Pizza

You must have heard about the new Double Burst Pizza introduced by
Domino's. I thought let me just check this new pizza and share my
experience with you .With the onset of the winter season and the mad
traffic rush I thought it would be wise to enjoy the pizza at home. I
ordered the medium Farmhouse pizza with the new pizza base "Double
Burst". I was eagerly waiting for the pizza with the double layers of
cheese oozing out of it. Exactly after half an hour the door bell rang
and the pizza was right there.

In the winter season expectation of a hot pizza is like straight from
the oven, but to my disappointment the pizza was not that hot and the
cheesy spread was not that liquid so that you can lick and enjoy the
whole cheese mess while eating the pizza because that’s the fun part of
a cheese filled pizza. This new pizza base has 2 layers of cheese. One
is the cheese spread as was in cheese burst pizza and the other is
liquid cheese layer same color as that of the jalapeno cheese dip. The
liquid cheese has a slight tangy taste to it and it seems that the
jalapeno dip is the liquid cheese that Domino's refer to.

Overall my experience of the new double burst pizza was not awesome. It
was like just another pizza with too much of cheese so you feel stuffed
in 3 ~4 pieces. The pizza base had a layer of cheese spread and very
less of liquid cheese in the center. Due to the less quantity you cannot
actually differentiate the taste of the two cheese layers.

This pizza needs to be eaten at the outlet itself. By the time it
reaches home its cold and then you cannot enjoy the cheese in the pizza.
A word of caution for people on diet plans stay away from it