Thursday, September 20, 2012

Khas khas badam ka halwa

1/2 cup khas khas soaked overnight
15 almonds soaked overnight
12 tbsp ghee
12 tbsp sugar
12 tbsp milk

1. Peel the soaked almonds.
2. Make a smooth paste of the khas khas and almonds.
3. Heat ghee in a non stick pan and add the khas khas and almond paste to it .
4. Keep stirring the paste until it turns brown
5. If ghee is less and the paste( khas khas and almond) sticks to the bottom of the pan add more ghee.
6. Now add the sugar and mix well.
7. To this mixture now add milk.
8. Cover the pan with the lid and allow it to simmer .
9. The halwa is done when ghee starts appearing on top.
10 enjoy the khas khas badam ka halwa :)

The color of the halwa before youa dd sugar and milk 

Khas khas and badam ka halwa ready :)

Tip - Use non stick pan to make the halwa . The khas khas and almond paste will not stick to the bottom of the pan .