Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hummus with falafels

There is a new chain Falafel's in Pune. They have 3 shops in Pune. All of them situated in malls - Phoenix Market City, Inorbit Mall, Amnora Town Center. I tries the outlet at Phoenix Market City.

 I tried the hummus with falafels. The platter consisted of  huge bowl of hummus, 5 - 6 falafels, 2 pita breads cut into quarters and pickled vegetables. The complete platter was sufficient for 1 person and the total cost was INR 199.

The pita bread was made from wheat flour and was light and fresh.The falafels were crisp and were made from peas. They were served on a huge spread of humus drizzled with lemon juice ,olive oil and paprika. The pickled vegetables (cabbage, carrots ) were crisp and had a nice tangy taste of vinegar.

It was nice to try different cuisine and flavors. Planning to  again next weekend :)

You can try falafels and the hummus at home as well.

Check the recipe for falafels  on

Check the recipe of hummus on Though the hummus i tried did not contain peanut butter.