Thursday, September 12, 2013

Candied Cinnamon Bread

No intention of putting in to much time and stress yourself for the breakfast meal. Try this yummy and super simple recipe of candied cinnamon breads.

Candied Cinnamon Bread

Prep Time - 2 mins
Cooking Time - 3 mins

2 bread slices 
1 tsp cinnamon powder
3 tsp powdered sugar
4 tbsp butter

1. Mix together the cinnamon powder, powdered sugar and butter to form a spread.

Cinnamon Spread

2. Heat a tawa and apply the cinnamon spread on one side of the brown bread.

Cinnamon spread on the brown bread
3. Place the bread with cinnamon spread facing the tawa and cook for a minute.

Bread cooking
4. Apply the cinnamon spread on the other side and cook for about a minute. The candied cinnamon bread is ready to enjoy.

Cinnamon spread on the other side of the bread 
Candied Cinnamon Bread

 Tip - Do not overcook the bread, as the sugar would then give a bitter burnt taste.

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