Monday, September 9, 2013

McDonald's Crispy Veggie Pops

The Crispy Veggie Pops - relishing a pop before taking this click :) 

Inside the Crispy Veggie Pop

Yesterday we had plans for the movie and left early to beat the traffic and voila -we got the parking space in just 2 minutes at the movie theatre. Guess that's a record break :). But these materialistic pleasures come at a cost. Dont they? ( I can imagine the heads nodding in approval ;)). We had to ditch our loving, laid-back evening tea to find that ever elusive parking spot!! I am sure, we can make it up to the tea the next day ;). But as luck would have it, Mr. McDonald's was our next door neighbour at the movie theatre and we decided to meet Mr McDonald over a cup of hot coffee and something to munch. With me being on diet (at least i can preach if not practice ;)), getting bored of fries and with lady luck on our side, we decided to give the latest add on to the Happy Price Menu a try for that munch - Crispy Veggie Pops. 

The happy price menu offers this for INR 25 with INR1 as tax,so, you end up shelling out INR 26. Sounds OK for 6 pieces, isn't it? Thats what we thought seeing those larger than life posters. A quick order and an even quicker delivery - and here we are staring at each other, laughing our hearts out on seeing the size of our serving. (Just check one of the photos, where one of the pops is shown along with my finger to get an idea of the size). It was time to taste it and we hoped it better be good to compensate for the size . Call us greedy maybe ;)

And here it goes, the one 'pop' in my mouth and gives a crispy munch. Crrrruuuuucchhhh! Its half the battle one. What follows is a nice tangy taste. The potatoes with the spinach taste is amazing with spices in perfect blend. I open the next one before it disappears in my mouth to check how it looks from inside. Its served piping hot and we can see the steam coming out and can see the green spinach and potatoes.  

So, here is the quick review for all those busy guys ;)

Crispy - the killer punch and the unique selling point as far as I am concerned

Size - maybe, Mcdonalds needs to reign in those larger than life posters 

All in all, a good beginning to the fabulous evening we had. Would recommend it strongly for the taste. Guys, go ahead and try it . And don't forget to post your reviews here :)