Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cafe Good Luck, Pune

My dad told me to try Cafe Good Luck. I must say it is a nice place to have good food at low cost :).
The place is entirely packed through out the day. The place attracts all generation of people from youngsters to people coming along with family.

We had gone during lunch hours and tried rumali roti , special chapati and Good Luck Special Boneless chicken.The chicken was awesome - very soft and the gravy is was full of fire with chunks of onion pieces in it.The rumali roti is very soft and light and is served nicely folded in square shape.
The entire meal cost was  INR 191 :) 

After a great lunch we decided visit the place again to try the breakfast delicacies. The breakfast starts at 6 AM and the cafe is open till 11 PM.We tried the famous brun maska and bun cheese omelette.The brun maska is a small bread loaf with the outer crust a little hard like a rusk and filled with generous quantity of maska ( butter) . The brun maska should be had along with tea because you can dip it in tea and easily bite into the hard crust of the brun. The bun cheese omelette is basically a cheese slice, omelette served between the bun. The bun is a big sweet bun with cherry in it and is really fresh.

The next thing we tried was chicken cheese grilled sandwich and chutney sandwich. The chicken cheese sandwich had lots of chunks of chicken and cheese and was grilled perfectly. The chutney sandwich had nice layer of maska and chutney ( not grilled) , the bread slices were fresh and soft and was awesome. In all we spent approx INR 180 for the awesome breakfast. A must visit to this place when you are in Pune.

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