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Friday, July 12, 2013

Vohuman Cafe, Pune

Vohuman Cafe 

Cheese Sandwich - the white chunk is the cheese :)
The bun maska and double egg cheese omelette

One of my colleagues recommended me to try the old Vohuman Cafe.The moment you enter the place you can feel the oldish irani charm, warmth. Go there any time of the day and you'll find it packed with people.Only concern is the parking but that should not stop you from visiting this superb place.The double egg and cheese omelette with bun maska and irani chai is a foodie's delight. Also try the cheese sandwich if you have the appetite to eat big chunk of cheese :). I could barely manage to finish the sandwich.

If  you compare the Cafe Good Luck and the Vohuman cafe cheese omelette  the difference is Cafe Good Luck adds cheese slice which readily melts with hot omelette  whereas the Vohuman Cafe omelette has big chunks of cheese. My verdict try the Vohumna cafe cheese omelette if you are a cheese fan. With each bite of this cheese omelette you definitely get loads of cheese chunks.

Must try : Double egg cheese omelette , bun maska, cheese sandwich and irani chai.

Vohuman Cafe
34, Sasoon Road,
Near Jehangir Hospital
Sasson Road, Pune

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pav Bhaji and Pizza @ Supreme's Corner , Pune

The Supreme's Corner on the J M Road is a popular hangout for all age groups from youngsters in groups to families . The menu is very simple pav bhaji, pizza and pulav.

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The place has been part of Pune for the last 30 years but nothing has been changed in the menu or the interiors of the place. The owner believes a lot in the vastu of the place and has continued with the same menu of pav bhaji , pizza and pulav. All the people working in the restaurant live in the owner's house and work as a perfect team.

The restaurant opens at 7:30 in the evening and you can see queue of people especially on weekends.The restaurant has a unique method of reservation and to control the long queue's in a systematic manner. This advancement has been brought in by the new generation of the family members joining in the business. You need to SMS on the number 56070 with the message "Toke number Supreme Corner Name Number of people" .You get a prompt message on your mobile giving you your number in the long queue. We had send our message at prompt 7:30 , still our number in the queue was 14 and got a place to sit after an hour . Take away option is also available- for that you need to go on the backside of the shop to place the orders and here also you will find a big queue of people.

The pav bhaji is served along with nicely buttered pav and finely chopped onion and pieces of lemon. The pav bhaji is served piping hot with dollop of amul butter and is amazing. You get this delicious pav bhaji for INR 90  and you can order extra jodi of pav (pair of pav) for INR 10
Pav Bhaji @ Supreme Corner

Pizza's served are home style pizza with the base being nice crispy, topped with tomato sauce base, chopped onion, chopped capsicum and amul cheese. We ordered a small pizza and it was awesome.The base was crisp and the amul cheese taste was amazing. The small pizza is also for INR 90.
Could not resist taking a bite of the pizza before taking this pic